Friday, September 9, 2011

"Summeries #9."

“The task is, not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought,
about that which everybody sees.”

Erwin Schrödinger

On 6/23 I wrote, "We basically choose our paths in two ways - by action and inaction.
Each is powerful in its own way.

I work only out of the purest of intentions. And I am nothing if not honest. So then, I can admit to this: I wanted to be a famous artist (which might be a lie, as in I probably still do). Not so much to be in the public eye (which is probably a lie, because I seem to place myself in the public eye as often as I possibly can). I just wanted to be so good at something that it would be recognized (which could be a lie because I most likely want approval and acceptance). Funny thing is, I was constantly making choices that seemed to lead into personal and career arenas that were in opposition to that desire to be a famous artist (which is a lie, because everything I have done has led me to be the artist I am today. Which is a lie within a lie because I have only just lately recognized that.). Truth be told, it is a meaning filled existence. Perhaps you know what I'm talking about.

“Actualized Dreams” #22.

You wandered from room to room without any apparent method or direction. I eventually learned not to search out a literal pattern - for that was beyond my grasp. But not beyond your criticism. Though much to my credit (and yet still keeping in mind the number of years it took), I have determined that you were creating an energy matrix. When you called it dropping thought turds, I figured you were just yanking my chain…….good times.

“Actualized Dreams” #23.

Inventiveness separated Tarzan from his adoptive cousin, as both drank from the river. I suggested that animal instinct was being suppressed by technology (and heck, that was years ago). You countered with the supposition that what our culture called human inventiveness and what I perceived as being animal instinct were “methods of isness” intersecting at the corners of synthesis and intuition. Man, I bee-lined to those crossroads and sold my soul…..good times.

“Actualized Dreams” #24.

I’m wishing that Ariadne had given me a ball of yarn, or a freakin’ map or something. You told me that I was the kinda guy that would pray for deliverance and just sit there waiting for some golden chariot to pick my ass up. And then if like a little burro stopped by, I’d still be sitting there waiting on that chariot. But you were so wrong. I didn’t just sit there - I stood up and petted that donkey. It was cute…..good times.

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