Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Summeries #10"

“The question is not what you look at,
but what you see.”
Henry David Thoreau

Delving into personalized maps, sketches and observations has helped me understand that what was once significant to me, often retains
significance. That it would have the exact same level of meaning or value is impossible. I'm not the same person. These aren't the same situations. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about reminiscing, either. Here, it's like this. I'm working on a painting. And I get interrupted. Maybe the dog needs walking. Maybe I have to drive to New Jersey. Whatever. You get my drift. So I come back to that painting, and maybe I've been thinking about what I would do. And I look. And if I'm smart. And if I let myself, then I embrace the me that didn't even exist two hours or fourteen hundred miles prior. And I dialogue with the information before me and paint in the then and there. Sure, I run the risk of failure. But I run the equal risk of running headlong into the unexpected. The glorious unimagined.

“Actualized Dreams” #25.

Alright, alright, I admitted to it: I avoided conflict. Avoided conflict whenever I could. And believe me, I had some pretty legitimate reasons (not that I'll go into that at this late date). But as you pointed out, without conflict how can there be resolution? And then you described an elegant solution. That conflict and resolution were not binaries, but were an essential and indivisible characteristic of an invigorating life.…..good times.

Key term: quantum metaphors

“Actualized Dreams” #26.

Hello. Are you there? Please pick up. Please respond. Please take out a personal ad. Or leave a voice mail. Post a message on a social network. Leave a poem on a real to real and toss it in the trash for my brother to find. After all, we (each of us) are messengers. The UPS man knows my name because it is on the label. Or he knows more than you might think. Which is highly likely…..good times.

Key phrase: (Dan White confronting God)

“Actualized Dreams” #27.

I always figured that one muddled towards the level of one's expectations, but you argued that I was suffering from a low E.M. model. Which of course stopped me dead in my ignorant tracks (and Christ, I tried not to have that look on my face just so as not to give you the satisfaction, but there it was). "Yeah - E.M. Expectation Maximization. Your sequence structures of association are incomplete or weak." Which, of course, was not what I expected.…..good times.

Key: V=infinity

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