Friday, September 23, 2011

"Summeries #11"

“It is not that I’m so smart.
But I stay with the questions much longer.”
Albert Einstein

So another season has shifted into another season, and we bid adieu to the "Summeries". Time is a grazing creature. Tonight, as my compatriot and I were cruising our haunts, we saw a group of perhaps seven gathered in the street. It appeared that they were pointing at us. I cautioned you as to the likelihood that they were Flesh Eating Zombies. Autumn brings them out, don't you know. I read somewhere that it has to do with the Puritan Ethic. Approaching, it was clear that this group was more positively animated than the Undead. "You walked right past them!" one Zombie declared. "One what?," I queried (in my nascent comprehension of the situation's significance). "Deer," replied the Zombie (who somehow lost her looming nature, given the street light and proximity). We turned, you and I. We turned and saw a two point buck and the doe that followed. And us one point five miles from downtown (now uptown) and the bank centers and NASCAR museum. And that sighting made us hopeful somehow. That in the midst of executions and demonstrations and Luddite yearnings, and urban sprawl and oiled interdependence and errant values could there wander a deer. And its companion.
Like us. Walking together. Sniffing and pondering.

“Actualized Dreams” #28.

So once again, ladies and germs: the same brick wall, the same scenario, the same set of circumstances. Maybe different colors. Certainly a new cast of characters (though one might argue that its different masks on the same troop of itinerant actors). But it was you that said, "You have to rearrange - you have to penetrate the system - and move beyond a single reality into the realm of possibilities". Sage advice.…..good times.
Key notation: April 20th. Sheila as teacher

“Actualized Dreams” #29.

You wrote a poem, I made a reference. You said, “The sun applied lipstick to the pursed lips of the horizon.” I had a bourbon. It reminded me of my mother. You wrote some lyrics and hummed the tune softly. I made a cryptic remark, but kept it to myself. We travel well together, the two of us. You and I…..good times.
Key Connective Concept:Stockholmes sin/drone

“Actualized Dreams” #30.

You constantly remind me to choose my battles. You ask me things like, "Is this a ditch you are willing to die in?" That always reminds me of the origin of the phrase, 'three on a match' and snipers and stuff, cause things remind me of other things. Like when you said someone was, "growing in grace" and all I heard was "groin in grace" and you said that my mind was like a bowling ball - always in the gutter. I guess it's all about knowing what to overlook. Yeah…..good times.
Key Location: Spiral notebook

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