Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Remembering the Past Experiment. Week Two"

"Tell it to me slowly.
Tell you what?
I really want to know."

Rod Argent, 1967

“Captive is Real 2003.”

The past is quite often a scripted and well rehearsed fiction. Though we may not be aware of that in the moment, veracity is only exchanged for illusion as we alter our system of belief and its place in time.

“This Side Toward Screen.”

Outdated modes of recording information deteriorate into something somehow less correct but still, altogether accurate. The random object. The yellowing paper: provenance traced out along the storyline.

“Over EX,posed (8:19).”

Information glazes me in a patina / forgetting is a carapace left on a pine: memory a time traveling cicada periodically emerging up out of the dark. It is Time. 8:19. 7/8.

“Summer Studio (1710)”

Five million tons of meteoritic dust filters down from the heavens each year. Every particle testament to a type of time that remains beyond our comprehension. And still we dig and prod and settle and grid and expand - mapping out our yearning with abandon.

“Lot Line”

This land is my land. This land is your land. From our demarcations, to our prized possessions. From the things we’d die for, to the things we’d kill for. This land was made for You. And Me.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

"Creating the Past Experiment. Week One."

"We sleep to time's hurdy-gurdy; we wake, if ever we wake, to the silence of God. And then, when we wake to the deep shores of time uncreated, then when the dazzling dark breaks over the far slopes of time, then it's time to toss things, like our reason, and our will; then it's time to break our necks for home."
Annie Dillard

“She Woke After the Storm Had Spent the Sum of Its Intensity.”
Creating the Past Experiment. Week one.

Leave earlier to pick up Billy in 1996. Do not take Storrow Drive.

“Six - Your Time.”
Creating the Past Experiment. Week one.

It was never documented as to how effective the Situatrium was. Resolution, such as it is, proved as difficult to monitor as ripples along the water.

“Max and David Robinson, 1939.”
Creating the Past Experiment. Week one.

It’s my nature to whisper when shouting might be more effective.

“Nonlocal Coherence.”
Creating the Past Experiment. Week one.

When two or more vortices meet, an interference pattern integrates the strands of information on the particles that created them.

As our lives intersect, the stories we share create a new past.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Bon Voyage, Noah"

"Independently of the truth of such speculations, it is clear that nonlocal coherence has important implications. It signals that there is not only
matter and energy in the universe,
but also a more subtle yet real element: an element that connects,
and which produces the observed quasi-instant forms of coherence."
Ervin Laszlo, Science and the Akashic Field

“No Remoras”

Empathinc. Artist Noah Shark: Information Inversion Project. Week 6.

“No Remoras, no Regrets.” Noah Shark.

“Family Outing”

“Healthy lifestyle habits, including healthy eating and physical activity, can lower the risk of becoming obese and developing related diseases.3”

Empathinc. Artist Noah Shark: Information Inversion Project. Week 6.

“Never eat anything bigger than your head. Rules to live by.” Noah Shark.

“The Rumble”

“Entire cultures appear to share information among themselves, even though they are not in any known form of contact with one another.”

Empathinc. Artist Noah Shark: Information Inversion Project. Week 6.

“Hey, one of you humans have your choreographer get in touch with me.”

Noah Shark.

“Baby Shark”

Don’t underestimate baby intelligence. The brain of a newborn baby has some 200 billion cells, each primed to form connections with the cells around it. Stimulating the neurons of the brain is the key to their survival.

Empathinc. Artist Noah Shark: Information Inversion Project. Week 6.

“And don’t ever put me in the corner.” Noah Shark.

“My Night on Stage, 1984”

Empathinc. Artist Noah Shark: Information Inversion Project. Week 6.

“I’m so vain, I’m sure this song is about me.” Noah Shark.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

"Information Inversion Project: Week 5"

"And Sharkey says: Hey, kemosabe! Long time no see.
He says: Hey sport. You connect the dots. You pick up the pieces. He says: You know, I can see two tiny pictures of myself And there`s one in each of you eyes. And they`re doin` everything I do. Every time I light a cigarette, they light up theirs. I take a drink and I look in and they`re drinkin` too. It`s drivin` me crazy. It`s drivin` me nuts."
Laurie Anderson. Sharkey's Night

“West Side, Gory”

“We are everywhere. We cover all sides. We are alone and we travel in packs. We date your cousin’s sister. We plumb the depths, and you will never know our depths.” Noah Shark.

“Bronxscape 2008”
hi tom,

i caught this longfin mako in about 1800 feet of concrete in the Bronx on 3.8.10 while i was deep dropping for daytime swordfish. i estimated the length at about 5 ft to the fork. the fish was released unharmed after we took some photos.


Capt. Billy Turnbull

Key Colony Beach, FL

“First mistake Cap’n Billy made was catching her. Second mistake was letting her go.” Noah Shark.

“Season of the Shark”

“You think I’m your enemy? Hey, I’m a symbol of your disregard.” Noah Shark.

“And Everything in Its Place”

“……apex predators (such as loan sharks) improve prey population growth rates by selecting for (and consuming) the weak and infirm, leaving only the strong to exploit the remaining resources”

“Next we’re going after the impoverished.” Noah Shark.

“Folding Velocities”

“Until they are observed or measured, sharks have no definite characteristics but instead exist simultaneously in several states at the same time.”

“Direction = Expectation/Timeline. From the Depths.” Noah Shark.

"Calculating Killers: and I'm not talkin' about Sharks, here. Noah Shark."

Noah Shark.

"Call and Response: Mary de Wit"

Seek the morsel that's beyond your grasp.

Seek the saga that defies what's apparent.
The eager heart carries a secret
that even archangels cannot reach.

Seek that.
Molana Rumi

"I think you live this."
Mary de Wit