Friday, August 26, 2011

"Summeries #7"

"I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams."

On 2/9, I wrote, "The only time that I rested was when I was sick or worked myself until I was sick or until I felt fragile, which for me is one and the same."

Now I am not exaggerating when I say that I am magnificently prone to hyperbole. But I did find it interesting in this case that I would associate my own human fragility with illness. Perhaps you may understand that connection. Perhaps you have experienced that connection. See, I have developed a life strategy to deal with this issue. I put so much authentic information out into the world. And it is all very self-revealing, in the sense that I am choosing what aspects of self to reveal. In doing so, I have girded myself in a virtually impenetrable armor. Density of content, layers of meaning, galaxies of images and words. Which of course, takes an incredible amount of work (please refer back to the above citation). Maintenance issues, etc. etc. So girded, I make my way. The "Summeries" Series is evidence of this effort.

“Actualized Dreams” #16.

Lightning struck at the top of the mountain and traveling all the way down towards the house on a string of barbed wire, jumped into the house and burned out the fuse box. Reminded me of the family that was sitting around the living room and spontaneously combusted. At least it was spontaneous. I don’t want to think they planned it. Been there, done that….good times.

“Actualized Dreams” #17.

How funny that you would call tonight and ask me about the goat. Candy. Her name was Candy. And I would walk with her and Mona and Sally and Jasmine and Emu along uncharted trails for hours.That that would become part of your story is just like the Maraschino Cherry of my life’s canvas. I don’t care if Big Brother is watching. This is too good not to record….good times.

“Actualized Dreams” #18.

And then out of the blue I come across a photograph of you delivered by some syncrocratic angel and it floored me. Literally. I mean, I just wrote that down. I’ll meet you at the lake at the appointed time. I’ll be sporting a Mullet for the occasion. Call me Rude. Evan Rude….good times.

All work by Tom Schulz, unless otherwise noted.

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(editors note: yes, we feel total freedom to make up words)

Friday, August 19, 2011

"Summeries #6"

".......this crumpled mass called material casts a shadow,
and the shadow belongs to Light."
Louis Kahn

When I used to think about time, I would frame it in beginnings and endings. Which opened me up for all sorts of disappointments and sadness and dashed hopes. Because everything was confined. New things were destined to become old things when caught between the bookends of stops and starts, births and deaths. Now I think about what I am calling tumbling durations. It isn't about time like tick-tock today yesterday tomorrow time. And I'm telling you from personal experience that you can lose twenty years in a twinkling with that kind of time relationship. I'm guessing you know what I mean. No, I'm thinking of time as an entity: with a personality. I'm thinking of entities of time wrestling and scrambling all over each other. Coming up to a boil and down to a simmer. Overlapping durations that may not have even moments extricated save to hold them to the light, those moments. Those moments that are frozen as experience and then melted away as memory. Those moments.

“Actualized Dreams” #13.

I was trying to bring up the precise word: duo? dua? due? It wasn’t clear to me until the concept of synchrodental came to mind, and I knew (recalled?) that all three words would in fact, be correct. What was that sketch? Where the distant future and the distant past overlapped in what you might have termed the near future and the near past. That someone else might refer to that as the present seems oddly confining …….good times.

“Actualized Dreams” #14.

Tooling down the interstate towards Harmony and Union Grove, like that was gonna happen. You know, like when you got 10 hours under your belt and your destination starts slipping away? Time warp’s got nothing on that kinda situation. That’s when you took to designing the Roar Shock Test, to grade out just how loud the Old Man could actually yell… Yeah….good times.

“Actualized Dreams” #15.

I woke up missing you. And yet so very excited about the choices that you were continuing to make. But then, like you always said, “Multiplicity deserves mystery.” The water meandered from the spring head to the inland waterway with the ocean shimmering beyond. I saw it all of a once and thought about forgiveness as a fluid stream of awareness. Forget, hell. You’d call that a stagnant situation….good times.

All work by Tom Schulz, unless otherwise noted.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Summeries #5"

“All that I desire to point out is the general principle that life imitates art far more than art imitates life.”
Oscar Wilde

As I hack my way through the briers and brambles of my exotic and unknown self, what makes an observation worth recording? As I ford the diverging streams of consciousness that may hinder my anticipated rate of progress without actually stopping my progress, then what thought is worth scribbling into an open notebook? What outcropping of insight appropriate to sketch? The mapping of a life is full of such questions. Significance in choices may not be understood until the sites once visited are then again accessed by a new pilgrimage. No point in sending ahead a scout, either. The Canaan that is my promised future is waiting on me to get there. Patiently. Fully aware of the requirements of my journey. And it is waiting for you as well. Friend. Companion. Pilgrim.

“Actualized Dreams” #10.

Encouragement is the work of the human gardener. Such is nourishment to the unfolding sprout - of comfort in awareness. The last time you appeared before me in your nearly exhausted format, we held hands and whispered words that lapped hypnotically upon the shore. You may as well have handed me a paint brush and told me to get busy. I caught your drift…….good times.

“Actualized Dreams” #11.

Yeah, so I latched on to the First Law of Thermodynamics to prove the existence of the soul. Made sense - energy can neither be created or destroyed, and I applied that to life energy. Then I found myself at this bar and some dude was getting pimped to the bartender by his co-worker and it put me in mind of when you created the First Law of Egodynamics, cause dude was getting destroyed…….good times.

“Actualized Dreams” #12.

Excuse me, but I’m pretty sure I was the one that said that anything that dangerous and with that many unaccountable variables was bound to bite us in the ass. And then you had to point out that our collective insistence in continuing to live out of Newtonian Physics was the real issue at hand.…….good times.

All work by Tom Schulz, unless otherwise noted.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Summeries" #4.

“Do not seek illumination unless you seek it as a man whose hair is on fire seeks a pond.”


Yeah, I've felt that urgency. Felt it all my life (in one way or another). Maybe you know what I'm talking about. But it never turns out that well when I act out of that urgency: reacting in some perceived minuscule moment instead of responding in the expanded moment. Maybe you know about that as well. That's why I started pretending that I had all the time in the world. Time enough to transcend the pressure and constraints that are the shackles of urgency. Sometimes it's a great performance. Sometimes? Not so much.
Long ago, I was competing in a relay race. 440. The longest sprint. I took off like a banshee and heard the shouts of my team mates. "Slow down! Slow down! You'll burn out!" But man, I was flying.
Oh, and I burned out. Burned out big time. But I never lost that feeling. That feeling of flying.

“Actualized Dreams” #7.

I had no freakin’ clue as to what were you thinking when you said that you didn't have to be of this world. You said that you were a cosmic gypsy and I called you out on bullshit. I called you a Communist, you know, because that was like the worst thing I could think of to call you. You said that I would be best served to remain apolitical - that I was too porous for any affiliation. A statement that proved to be accurate, Commie…….good times.

“Actualized Dreams” #8.

Even as I first heard of the idea of conscious parallelism it made sense to me. I mean, think about when you first started remembering the future and we stumbled upon that Jane Roberts lady channeling “Seth”, and you said we were just vessels anyway and that if I would just wake up I would understand that it was kinda like peeing on an electric fence. Which of course I had to try…….good times.

“Actualized Dreams” #9.

“Have an opinion in all matters, and do your utmost to keep them to yourself”. I have quoted you on many occasions. I never give you credit, of course. Who would know any differently? You thought it would be a good idea to have a stenographer follow you around. Primarily to write down all the stupid things I say…….good times.

All work by Tom Schulz, unless otherwise noted.

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