Monday, November 28, 2011

"Call and Response: Stevin Wilson"

In another moment down went Alice after it,
never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.
Lewis Carroll,
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

THE CALL: send 2-4 pieces of evidence.
It could be images of your work, work you like,
things you find interesting.


hey tom. not sure of "format" correctness, but wrote a little whimsical chunk about my choices: __________________________________________________ this morning, while still separating my blurred psyche from last night's dreamland, i began sipping my coffee and contemplating this task. while a fairly basic request on the face, when you begin rummaging through your heart and fond memories, complexities may arise. i suppose, in part, that is why these 4 "things" sprung to mind. there's something close to magical about the ability to capture those things that go on in all of our heads, but rarely manifest in waking life, whether its a simple feeling, a connecting set of images or a more enveloping overall experience. whether its a longing fantasy or a recurring, disturbing nightmare. these things seem to somehow always insist on being just out of reach; seen but not touched. and so these are a few people i feel, throughout my life, have always been able to not only grab hold, but to then wrangle, arrange and regurgitate that which most feel ever eluded by. connect at:
high-brow lo-fi musician, chickenscratch wordsmith, and proud empathinc-er.
lemme know that this all makes sense, links correctly, etc. and thanks again for the invitation to interact. i always enjoy contributing, and self is the easiest and most challenging subject, one in the same.

Editor's note: highlighted, underlined phrases take you to other links,
and interesting info!

"David & Goliath"© 2009 MEAR ONE
Mear One

"The Work of Director Michel Gondry - Trailer
Michel Gondry

"The Cocktail Party"
Max Dalton

Tomschulzartist responds: So, yeah maybe it's about bein' cool. Like Pythagoras was cool, cause he like, worked out the angles, and Hildegard of Bingen was cool cause she worked out all the angels. Copernicus was cool. Galileo paid attention. And that's cool. Like as in what are the relationships of the planets? How do you exist in a system? Family. Friends. Networks.
So, you do the ramificating, and me? I'm interpolating.
Conjugating, verbalizing - moving words is tantalizing. Break a mirror and shards you're seein'. But live those shards, and friend you're bein', a broken life that's full of strife, and Davey, "Who's that freein'?" Sling your stone at the confluence of power and dude, then it ain't the hour - for that shit be comin' down. (musical interlude, fade to black)

While comprehending both the conveniences and pitfalls of a Cause and Effect existence, here at empathinc. we prefer to live in a Call and Response Universe. This series is an exploration of that space.

Thank you Stevin, for Responding to the Call.
The "format" correctness patrol will send a citation. Peace, Tom.


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