Friday, April 30, 2010

"Life Strategy 3: Manifesting"

“There are children playing in the streets who could solve some of my top problems in physics, because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago.” J. Robert Oppenheimer

"Our Guernica" © (detail) 2006
Collaborative Wall Painting
Tom Schulz and Isaac Schulz
Empathinc. Studio and Gallery. Charlotte NC.
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Life Strategy 3., Manifesting

My younger brother, Billy, (who was born with Down Syndrome) often asks me, "Tom, how long you know me?"
My reply is always the same, "All your life, Billy."
His response is always the same. "Ahh", he says.

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"Terrific Manifesting"© 2010
Video Sketch
From "The Systemic Amazement Factorial"©

In this chapter, we ask you the reader,
"How long you been manifesting?"
The answer will always be the same.
"All your life...........All your life."

J. Robert Oppenheimer
1904 - 1967

Robert Oppenheimer's name has become almost synonymous with the atomic bomb, and also with the dilemma facing scientists when the interests of the nation and their own conscience collide.

We are all midwives delivering up our individual realities. While many of our concepts regarding the formatting of our manifestations were concretized early on, they are not necessarily default settings.

Manifesting is more powerful that we will ever understand.

Please learn to use great circumspection and compassion in its employ.

Our next Chapter is Life Strategy 4: Manifestation.

Find out more about Billy's fascinating life by purchasing Grown Man Now, by Dr. Jane B. Schulz here.


Anonymous said...

"Manifestations" was always a big word at our dinner table when our grandfather asked the blessing. For him, the world was rich with diversity: trees, insects, time - all begged understanding and identification. The sheer number of bird species unfold as parables or grains of sand.

pamella said...

My father cared for my mother her last year of life. She refused any outside help; she had heart disease and emphasema and continued to smoke. Dad grew thin as he watched over her wandering and meandering through the 60's ranch.
One day on a weekend, as we came to try to relieve him, my husband said, " It's a good day George."
Dad said, " James, every day is a good day!"
Now he is gone too. He made it through some of the most gruling battles in the Pacific as a medic. He made it through the 30's, on small farms in Nash County, NC. He made a committment to my mother and he slogged it out to her end.
He had another 20 wonderful years with my step mom.
In his final year, fighting a glyoma blastoma, every day was a good day, fresh and new. A manifestation!

Tom Schulz said...

I have come to realize that a spoken blessing is one of the most active forms of manifestation. It sounds like your Grandfather had a real understanding of the marvelous complexity and multiple meanings of the world.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tom Schulz said...

"every day was a good day, fresh and new."
What a wonderful sentiment - each day a blank canvas. I'll get out the brushes right now. Oh, wait, they are already out.
Thanks for sharing a great and inspiring story.