Friday, April 16, 2010

"Life Strategy 1: Intention"

There is no logical path to these laws; only intuition, resting on sympathetic understanding of experience, can reach them. "

Albert Einstein, "Principles of Research", 1918

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In our last chapter, we came to the realization that as each of us has come to master Transformation in our lives, we are contrite not to ask the inevitable question, "Now what?"
In this chapter, we will aspire to actualize Life Strategy 1. Life Strategy 1. involves intention.

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As so often happens after Transformation, one may find themselves at odds with life as they have previously known it. Do not be alarmed. Let me repeat: do not be alarmed. Transformation has effectively shattered your reality. At the risk of appearing overly dramatic, we may even describe this momentous event as "explosive" (or even "implosive" depending on your personal experience and leanings).

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Existing models of perception will most certainly become now, not only obsolete, but cumbersome, and yes, in some circumstances - dangerous. At this juncture, one should necessarily implement Life Strategy 1., Intention. If you find yourself currently acting without any clear intention as to what form your thoughts or actions are taking, now would be a good time to change that approach. Good luck with that.

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Please join us for our next chapter, entitled "Life Strategy 2: Manifest."
Until then, please practice your understanding of this chapter, especially as you wait in the grocery line. And people? Be safe.

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