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"Life Strategy 2: Manifest"

And on my side it is so well apparell'd,

So clear, so shining and so evident
That it will glimmer through a blind man's eye.
William Shakespeare
Henry VI, Part I Act II Scene 4.

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Spidey-Hole Series / Spring Forward Subset
watercolor on paper

In our last chapter, we looked at Life Strategy 1., Intention. Now that you have mastered Intention in your life, let us move next to Life Strategy 2., Manifest. Many define Manifest as that which is clear and requires no proof. This concept operates most completely when clarity is available. But, you may ask yourself, what of obfuscation? Exactly.

"Towards Sheryl's House - 7:11 AM"© 2010
watercolor on paper

While Manifest may infer a certitude in the understanding of the obvious, we must constantly be on guard as to what the obvious must mean. It is a proven Scientific fact and Matter of great import, that indeed even Light itself is composed of one aspect of existence even while maintaining all the reasonable and authentic aspects of another.

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And, so (we discover) that life may come to follow Science, especially as you implement Life Strategy 2., Manifest. One may be confused in the possibilities offered in a multitude of reality choices. But what then of confusion? Once the decision as to what aspect of being is to be chosen, so collapses the situation into a particular trajectory.
Practice now to relax into the astuteness of confusion, turning your face and heart to the light of clarity. Commitment may come at our next session: Life Strategy 3., Manifesting.
Please do not attempt to actualize Manifesting until you have Mastered Strategy 3. Empathinc. makes no claim and/or notion as to the safety of such an endeavor.

This meant that electrons in experiments could only exhibit one aspect or the other, but not both at once. If one experimented on an electron as if it were a wave, that was what it would be for the duration of the experiment, and similarly, if one treated it as a particle.
Bohr called this "complementarity".
Arthur I. Miller
Deciphering the Cosmic Number: The Strange Friendship of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung

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