Friday, October 30, 2009

"Invisible Architecture Deux (at Robby)"

So you see, once a person drops the scales of prejudiced certainty
and doubts appear, there is no telling how far a heart can open.

Louise Erdrich, Four Souls 2004

Albrecht Durer
The Painter's Manuel
, 1525

It is given that the glasses maker, Lippershey was the inventor of the first "Dutch Perspective Glass". Galileo improved lens grinding technology to give his "Perspicullium" increased clarity and magnifying capabilities, and turned it towards the Heavens.
Not being particularly adept, nor classically trained, in the Science of Optics, I have inadvertently spent my entire career looking through (what has subtly proven to be) the wrong end of the Telescope. My notes (however meticulous in constancy and ritual) have chronicled a particular inverted self-sensibility, and kept me cloistered in a construction of my own circumspect interiority.
In layman's terms, my perspective then, has been turned inward.

"#7, Impatiens Waiting"© 2009
"Autumn Missed Subset"
from the Convenient Non-locality Series©

The Stars however, have had an excellent view of my retinal synapses and have toiled for many a year to chart the comings and goings of what they have simplistically termed my "visual discourse". The results of said research has been exhaustively relayed back to me
in the form of what I persist in calling "Dreams".
Unshackled and light, these purveyors of stellar rectitude find fascination in the rigidity of my defining Nature.

"Particle Accelerator" © 2009
Random Video
From "The Systemic Amazement Factorial"©

I intuit their jolly dance along the reaches of what (I - perhaps- mistakenly) refer to as a Chaotic Universe, horrified that such a peripatetic existence (both wave and particle, indeed) might conceivably imbue my own binary certitude with an inordinate doubt. No stranger to risk, I yet remain inconsolable in their practiced insistence that while the infinite may render me discomforted, it is (in all likelihood, according to the Stars) the finite that I fear.

"Mary Go Round" 2009
From "The Systemic Amazement Factorial"©
Call Your Mother, regardless of what plane of reality she occupies.
Make a list defining your family of choice. Build bridges. Tear down dams and
return that which has been inundated to it's Native Nomennature.

"All the changes will be, by the time it gets dark."

Next week: "Invisible Architecture and the Drip Line Cathedral"


Jane Schulz said...

In my para-pathetic wanderings I am unable to distinguish the finite from the infinite. As in your particle accelerator, what I'm hearing and seeing changes so frequently I lose sight of beginnings and endings.Sometimes I don't know whether it was a memory or a dream.

Tom Schulz said...

What a fascinating comment, Jane. I know you suffer with Nerve-ana at this point in your life journey, but I believe you just described waking REM!
As a kid, I remember asking a camp counselor what would happen if a Martian was dreaming me and he suddenly woke up.
Memories, dreams,'reality' - distinctions are the framework of our personal invisible architecture.

Jane Schulz said...

I'm back to watch, listen to, the particle accelerator.I can picture you lying on your back, photographing and musing. It's such a fascinating merge of the gentleness of nature and the urgency of man's motion.

Tom Schulz said...

Great comment!
Remember scooting down along Tilley Creek to school back in the day?
We would try to observe something that had remained hidden for us.
Each drive added a visual specimen to our shared collections.
And what was seen as new had always been there. And still is, right next to Shrodinger's cat.