Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tim E. Turtle (for Willoree)

Here is a good, good story.

Today, as I worked, the noise like a roar - 
there were forklifts and hammer drills, deliveries and more:
plasterers, plumbers, and masons by scores!

Above the din, I heard a small voice,
"I'm so very hungry and that cracker looks choice!"
I shared cause my Momma just raised me that way,
and thought, "I shall make a great friend here, to-day."

We finished our repast, and both wiped our faces,
and shared our penchants for finding new places.
We exchanged our names, both him and me:
I was Tom Tom, and he was Tim E.

He scaled the escarpment I'd known as my truck,
and merrily shouted out, "Hey, we're in luck!
I carry my home on my back, don'tcha see, 
and your camper top seems to re-semble me!"

I asked him along, though a loner - a rebel.
His response shrilled high in reptilian treble,
"Come out of your shell, there's much fun in store!"
So I stuck out my neck and opened the door.

Assertive, young Tim headed straight for the wheel;
"You work the gas and let's make this rig squeal!"
"Slow down", I implored, which I meant as a joke,
and he cut me a look and I thought I would choke.

I said, "Here's a chill-pill and please, listen to this".
So he took my ipod and looked through the list.
"This hip-hop is cool", (down shifting the cogs).
"Way cool", he replied, "and its not just for frogs!"

We cruised the two lane, and I made conversation - "What's
the E. for?", I asked, and with no hesitation,
he cleared his scaled throat and got down to brass tacks:
"E.'s none of your business. E.'s not your beeswax."

That Tim is sure funny, so you  wait and see. Soon you'll be Tim's friend,
just like me!

With love from Tom Tom and Tim E.

From the "Little Empathinc. Reader" Collection ©


jschulz said...

I knew Tim E. when he was just an egg. I have waited a long time for his birth. Congratulations!

Tom Schulz said...

Thanks for your patience.
According to my research, "the incubation period is dependent upon the species of turtle and the ambient temperature."
I guess the same can be said for actualizing our concepts and thoughts into considerate action.
Thanks for joining The Conversation!