Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Calling for Response"

Emmanuel Levinas considered that when we looked into the face of the Other, we were looking into the face of God.
I'm thinking, this evening, that by turning our gaze on any Other  is to turn our gaze upon God.  Be it human or not, any state of Being may be considered Other, including our own shadow, our own core, our own Mystery - that which we are often so slow to explore.

Willoree                                                                November 2008

On the other hand, Theodor Adorno said that we may only know ourselves by knowing our fractured selves.
While I am no stranger to fractures - broken bones, divorce, death, fire, storms of many natures, and all sorts of pestilence, much of which has been by my hands alone, regardless of how I would prefer to view it in the moment.
Or now, in this moment, for that matter.

Bronxscape - Photovoltaic array 2009
Parsons School of Design
Roof top "oasis" at a home for assisted living. A gathering space for those individuals that have 'aged' out of foster care.

Perhaps, as is most often the case, we may come to perceive our intersections with Otherness in an Other way. As an extension of osmosis - a free exchange that interacts with both our interior and exterior extensions of our selves. A format of being that is not without boundaries. Rather, it exists as a method of respect -enacted.

"Fractal Fireflies # 5"©                              2009
From the "Spidey Hole Series - Fractal Fireflies Subset"

To see the world as marvelous is to acknowledge a praxis of participation. A healing practice that goes beyond the beginning and the end. That hears the tree falling in the forrest. That acts in thankfulness, not in the seeking of reward. For reward, like the right of way, is granted, not taken.

Carrie and Isaac, NYC                                2009
On the event of Carries graduation (MArch, Parsons)

First Corinthians:13(KJV), says, "for now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face.

 The human body is up to 78% percent water. Today, in Charlotte, NC, the humidity level was 65%. In this state of saturation, let us flow into and around one another.
Let us respond when called.
Go where we are sent.
Make few, if any assumptions.
And question everything.
Question everything.
"Aqueous Motif"                                                                  2008
Acid and polymer on concrete


Mary said...

This is a concise, compelling, and memorable homily. Thank you for this tender invitation to the rest of my day and my own life and the lives of anyone around me.

Tom Schulz said...

Thanks, Mary. Of course you, of all people, know what a struggle it is for me to be concise, so thanks for recognizing that.
And I appreciate you floating the ripples back in my direction.
Thanks for joining the conversation.