Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Spatiotemporal Scales"

"Over Head Starts Here" 2006
From "The Systemic Amazement Factorial"©

"My soul was as big as the universe and frolicked with glee in a boundless sea"
Jill Bolte Taylor, PHD My Stroke of Insight

"Fractal Fireflies #3"© 2009
From The "Spidey-Hole Series, Fractal Fireflies Subset"

“This being so,” asked the Earl of the River, “may I take heaven and earth as the standard for what is large,
and the tip of a downy hair as the standard for what is small?”

"Releasing Occlusions" 2009
From "The Systemic Amazement Factorial"©

“No,” said the Overlord of the North Sea. “Things are limitless in their capacities, incessant in their occurrences,
inconstant in their portions, uncertain in their
and ending.

"Our Guernica" (detail, "Spaceboy Aghast")© 2006
Interactive Mural (currently located at Sanctuary Bar, Charlotte, NC)
Visual dialogue between artists Tom Schulz and Isaac Schulz.

For this reason, great knowledge observes things
at a relative distance;

hence it does not belittle what is small or make much of what is big, knowing that their capacities are limitless.”
Chuang Chou, ~300 B.C.

"Constellations" (installation view) 2003
Modular cement units, acid stain, 110 fiber optic lines
The Clay Center, Dexter School Brookline, MA

In his book "The Ways of Seeing", John Berger writes that, "Soon after we can see, we are aware that we can also be seen. The eye of the other combines with our own eye to make it fully credible that we are part of the visible world."

"Fractal Fireflies #1"© 2009
From The "Spidey-Hole Series, Fractal Fireflies Subset"

But this viewpoint leaves us with significant boundary value problems. For while it is prudent, perhaps even necessary to work under the assumption that the visible world is seen in the same format to the one as it is to the other, it has not proven to be a particularly effective strategy for being, nor for being in community. It allows that we operate out of a perceived commonality, and that this system of correlating factors - known as truth, known as laws, known as reality and civilization - functions in a mechanically determinable fashion. Tidy.
I'm wondering if we could extend this visual concept of seeing, and of being seen. In my more gracious moments, I am able to imagine that each cell of my body is the manifestation of countless intersections of starlight. Each junction becomes the moment that absorbs the rushing towards of the light as well as the rushing away.
I like this image.
This is what I receive from you. It is what I have to give. Incandescence.
Fractal fireflies bound together in the magnificent exhibition of our reciprocating light.

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