Monday, November 3, 2008

"Red States, Blue States"

When the blue states this, and the red states that, then there becomes an overlapping of estates. This is the ruling of the grid. When a belief system becomes an affront to new beliefs, then it winds itself into barbed wire - that which is kept out then, becomes akin to that which is kept in. Osmosis is a funny, funny, phenomenon.
We are always on the eve of change.



I kept wondering why they kept talking about blue paint. I never hear the word paint in the news.
I heard the jack of spades singing "I am painting the roses blue I am painting the roses blue" "People say we cant do, but thats exactly what I`m going to do"
wait that sounds like a good painting...back to the studio...

Tom Schulz said...

Evidently, you have need to re-read the Colored Kittens. On Hush! On Brush!