Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Expulsion From the Garden (study)"

Myth has it that knowledge propelled the inhabitants of the Garden from Paradise. Or that the thirst for knowledge (couched in rebellion) was the culprit. A forked tongue, creating a division. Bifurcation,  splitting realities. Then atoms. Then Adam. 
Others say that a Mighty and Righteous God - acting in wrath - expelled these naughty children into their Earthly corners. You know: to think about what they had done.
And they thought.
And thought some more.
They thought of things like fear. And concepts of sin. And poverty, deprivation, envy.
They took lots of time to think. And then got bored.
Like children often do.
And then (as children often do), they created games. Just to pass the time, don't you know.
And the games begat institutions. And the institutions begat bureaucracy. And the bureaucracy begat time frames, divestment, hierarchies, expectations.
Roads diverged in hoary woods.
or, oar, ore:
veins of opportunity.
Perhaps it was time to go. Perhaps we were never sent out without a map. After all,
Isn't knowledge just that: 
an interfacing with locust, loci, context and desire?

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