Thursday, August 6, 2009

On the Nature of Deliberate Spaces

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again."
Joseph Campbell

"Prayer Wall" (detail) ©2008
Presbyterian Hospital, Charlotte, NC

"We have not been on a linear path of uninterrupted growth and prosperity.
We have successes and setbacks, fits and starts, and every now and then,
visionaries radically alter our trajectory."
Donald K. Jonas, Ph.D., Vice President, Novant Healthcare & Executive
Director, Presbyterian Hospital Foundation

From: CharlotteViewPoint, Volume 6. Read entire article here

Photo: ©2009 Mary deWit
Courtyard - Jack Matney Labyrinth: Presbyterian Hospital, Charlotte NC

As an artist, I am an advocate for the radical implementation of connectedness.
As a human, I am an advocate for the radical implementation of awareness.
As an artist, I believe that composition is essential as the art of arranging.
As a human, I believe that the field of existence is enormous.

Photo: ©2009 Mary deWit
"Prayer Wall" - sculpture and words by Tom Schulz ©2008

For me, creating is the proper warrior's stance.
And empathy the only valid sword.

Photo: ©2009 Mary deWit
"Prayer Wall" (detail)

To date, 28 separate groups (ranging from faith communities, nurses, social workers and Hospice volunteers) have chosen to collect the prayers that have been tucked in the niches of the Prayer Wall. These prayers then are released into a larger matrix of concern.

This is a spontaneous and organic outgrowth of a charged reality.

A charge that most likely

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