Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tim E. Turtle and the Spidey Hole Adventure (for Willoree)

Nasturtium mavis rockmommaoff,
Listless favoriteum magnitudious.
Better one whipporwill in nest, 
than ten whipporwont's.
From "The Terra Pin Chronicles"©

This is a good, good story about my new friend Tom Tom.
by Tim E. Turtle, Esq.

"My good, good story it goes like this - I make a good, good poem.
I went to see my friend Tom Tom. I went to see his home.
Hey, that's a good rhyme!"

"I knocked and knocked, but body home? I push open the door."
I yelled: "Tom Tom!", but I didn't heard nothing. But I went in anyway.
"Wait, that not rhymes."
"What do you think rhymes with door?"

"Tom Tom had lots good food to eat, but I couldn't never dare -
do I look like that girl Goldilocks, or even Mr. Bear?
That's a good, good Turtle joke, I think, though it is kind of lowly.
But since your Human, I'll be nice and tell it real, real slowly."

"I remembered Tom Tom liked his Spidey Hole.
So I went down and down the stairs. 
And Ow! Good thing that I can roll!"

"But where was Tom Tom?" No where he seen,
So I climbed his desk, and went computer-ing.
Just wanted to help, though I felt like a louse.
He used a keypad, but I used a mouse.

"Tom Tom paints lots of pictures, you see. 
Though some of his stuff is sure strange to me!
Don't mean to sound neg-ative, I'm a big fan - 
But I think I do better, by wiggling in sand."

"Thought I'd give it a try, though I knew that I shouldn't,
then I knew I should stop, but somehow I just couldn't!"
(If you've ever found yourself in these kind of scenes -
you already know what this Turtle means.)

"I heard a great clomping, Tom runs, he's not lazy. And 
when he saw what I'd done, he looked kind of crazy!"
(I drew me a picture of his funny look. 
And signed it and had it put into this book.)

"He gave me a look that he calls 'The Snake Eyes'.
He tried to look tough, though it weren't no surprise -
when he started to laugh, and I joined in.
He cracks my shell, that's why he my friend."

Tom Tom exclaimed, "E.'s no great big, deal -
but I'll say this just once, and I mean it for real.
Next time you come calling to my special place, 
(and I don't mind telling you straight to your face)
I'd like it a lot if we both work together,
talking makes collab-oration much better!"

"That Tom Tom is funny, he's my special friend.
I think I shall come back and see him again!"

The end. Thank 

Love, Tim E. Turtle

From the "Little Empathinc. Reader" Collection ©


mommer said...

Dear Tim E.,

I know those snake eyes - they can be scary as well as funny! Did Tom Tom tell you that he learned to write poetry from his brother Billy?

I'm glad you're going to collaborate. I will be looking for your next story.

Tom Schulz said...

Dear Mommer,
Tom Tom talking bout brother Billy a lot. A whole lot. But I not know he rhyme like his brother. Here is a good, good poem.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue -
I read Tom Tom's poem,
I sleep like a blog!

Hey,that's a good poem!
Tom Tom says, Thanks for stopping bye.
Tim E.

dreambeliever said...

Tim E. is cute. I like his art. Am wondering though about all the dialogue recently about totems--particularly turtles and grasshoppers. Isn't that against commandment #2? Not Tim E. of course. Anyway, it motivated me to stop by and catch up. I like the education here. And I like Fractal no.7 better than the rest.

Tom Schulz said...

Thanks for stopping back by, Dreambeliever. You bring up an interesting point regarding the 2nd Commandment. As I understand it, the 2nd Commandment forbids the worship of "the true" God through icons, images, or other man-made symbolisms. For me, the key word here is 'through'. As an artist, my dialogue with my own concept of God is extremely visual. It is within the framework of this conversation that I construct a personal and stylized 'language'. That I care to share this particular Conversation reflects my respect for the powerful response that erupts up out of the simplest of interactions.
An example of that is your posting.
Thanks for being a part of The Conversation.
PS. Fractal #7 likes you back.