Monday, April 6, 2009

"Intersections and the Event of Carrie's Birthday"

"I love this hour
when the tide is just turning
there will be an end 
to the longing and yearning
If I can stand up
To angels and men
I'll never get swallowed
In darkness again"
"Anywhere on this Road"
Lhasa De Sela "The Living Road"

"Study for the Holy Grate (warm)"                   Weisiger Chapel Project                   2009

"Many beautiful patterns are sitting in every simple subgrid, just waiting to be pulled out. the subgrids themselves are rarely shown in traditional art. They are considered part of the underlying structure of reality, with the cosmos overlaid ("cosmos" "means adornment")"
Sacred Geometry   Miranda Lundy 2001

"Slightly Over Cast"                                                          2009
From the "Spidey-Hole Series"

"is that kinda like math as a flexible art instead of an absolute? two points of focus simultaneously incorporated?"
Carrie Schulz      3/31/09

"Study for the Holy Grate (cool)"             Weisiger Chapel Project               2009

There is a front moving through this evening. Blackberry winter. 
The turtle carries it's mountain home into each new locale, regarding not the season.
Octagons adorn the edifice, corbeled each appendage.

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