Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Discerning Patterns in Chaos"

"Stern Taskmaster" 2009
From the "Laughing it up in the Spidey-Hole" Series

A more severe,

More harassing master would extemporize
Subtler, more urgent proof that the theory
Of poetry is the theory of life,

As it is, in the intricate evasions of as,
In things seen and unseen, created from nothingness,
The heavens, the hells, the worlds, the longed-for lands.

Wallace Stevens, from An Ordinary Evening in New Haven, 1950

"Configuring the Situatrium" (detail) 2009

My memories are like the bear that went over the mountain.
Can't no longer see the bear, but I'm pretty sure it is there
(maybe the bear, and maybe the mountain).
I went over a mountain once. Just to see what I could see.
It was a place called Punkin'town.
I took the road home, picking up a ride all the way to Wayne Hooper's store.
Wayne road his riding mower at night because of his allergies.
His single headlight penetrated my curtain-less home,
bouncing along the fine line of ceiling and wall.

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