Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Unfettered Love"

Tied up, let loose, controlled and yelling from the top of the highest mountain: love is unfettered and alive, bound by the beauty, a many splendid  thing, a religion,  the difference between right and wrong,  unforgettable,  made, red, and tainted. Love is sent, groovy, addictive, eternal, and an automatic battlefield. Love is celebrated, cherished, done; said and taken. Love is easy, endless and fallen. Fallow, fast, feared and felt. Forbidden, got and had. Love is higher and believed. Love is hated. Love is known and said. Love is love. Love is loved. Love is born, held and made. 
Love is not. Love is only. Love is falling.
Jesus loves me. Love ain't like that. Love is an addiction.
Love is first sight.
Love moves, cuts, and comes quickly. Explodes, hurts, heals, is alive, and is a lonely place without you.
Love bound, and set free.

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