Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Maybe It's Not The Bus Driver; Maybe It's The Bus."

Everyone I talk to these days responds to a problem by saying, "It is what it is." My understanding is that this phrase is some incantation that untethers the difficulty and allows it to drift away. 
Well, that is causing a lot of trouble in space, Will Robinson.
It is said that the old map is useless in the new land.
As individuals we have the choice to make our own maps.
Anyone need a crayon? A marker, perhaps? A hatchet to blaze a trail?

TROUBLE IN SPACE                         2008
From the "Spidey-Hole" series.

"The idea that something must be so because Newton or Einstein (or ________fill in the blank here) said so is simply not scientific (or ________fill in the blank here). So an inquiry has to proceed from a state of openness with respect to the question at issue and to what the answer may be, a state of mind which I think of as healthy skepticism. This kind of openness can make individuals receptive to fresh insights and new discoveries; and when it is combined with the natural human quest for understanding, this stance can lead to a profound expanding of our horizons."
"The Universe in a Single Atom"   The Dalai Lama 2005

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