Friday, November 19, 2010

"The God and The Universe Conversations." Week Eight.

One must have chaos within oneself, to give birth to a dancing star.
Friedrich Nietzsche
, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

“Actual Occasions”

“God, when The Universe perceives that there is something other than what The Universe experiences, then what should The Universe do with that information?", asked The Universe.
"God is into the concept of being a radical empiricist", replied God. "Entities require a broad field awareness that involves much more than utilizing sense perceptions".

"So the light at the end of the tunnel includes the tunnel and the creation of the tunnel and the trajectory of the light and the beginning of the tunnel, and the recognition of place in the tunnel?"

"Yep, that's the Journey", nodded God.

Photo by Mary Geitner, 9-Volt Design

“Flux of Forms”

“Oh God", said The Universe. "Does God remember when The Universe was a tiny Little the Universe and played with the comet tails?"
"Has The Universe been looking at the after images again?", asked God

"Yeah", answered The Universe, "it is The Universe's special stamp of creative emphasis on the determinations of efficient cause."

"Chaos and Order: Caution"© (detail) 2010

“Finding Ourselves in a Buzzing World”

“God, why does God refer to The Universe as The Universe instead of Universe?", asked The Universe completely out of the Void."
"This is kinda tough", considered God. "See, the particular is necessarily a part of the universal, but the universal doesn't always speak to the particular. An entity is concrete cause it is such a particular expression in the universe. And God considers The Universe an Entity. Ergo, The Universe."

"God, no disrespect, but isn't the word ergo like, so eons ago?"

"Delete Magnify Silence"© marker on vellum 2000

“The Imposition of Conformity”

“The Universe has a question for God", said The Universe quietly but directly. "Does God ever keep secrets from The Universe?"
"No, not really", replied God. "Everything that God is part of, so The Universe is part of the same".
"Well, The Universe keeps plenty of secrets!", bellowed The Universe.

"Yeah. God knows that The Universe keeps secrets", acknowledged God. "Except God refers to them as Choices".

Video by podpeopleproductions - Hashaleena N. Wright


“Know what, The Universe?", asked God of The Universe. "A lot of entities think the just because God knows everything, that maybe God can't be surprised, or..or impacted by the behavior of other entities. God, God's self is radically moved and changed by that behavior."
"Yeah, The Universe experiences that as well", chimed in The Universe. "It's like the Cosmos is really just a neighborhood - a community."


And really the purpose of art - for me, fiction - is to alert,
to indicate to stop, to say:
Make certain that when you rush through you will not miss the moment
which you might have had, or might still have.
Jerzy Kosinski

This concludes Week Seven of
"The God and The Universe Conversations".

All art and writing by Tom Schulz unless otherwise noted, or unless it is so cool
he will try to get away with claiming it as his own.

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