Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"The God and The Universe Conversations". Week Five.

"In an age when our single-issue mentalities threaten to destroy any possibility of broad community, ambiguity is a gift that the arts offer toward formation of healthy, inclusive communities.
The ambiguity in fine arts helps us see flaws in our heroes
and redeeming qualities in our enemies..."

Doug Adams

The God and The Universe Conversations. Week Five.

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“But I’ll Be Seeing You”

“The Universe doesn’t mind admitting it”, sighed The Universe. “But sometimes it is tough being comprised of so much material that is beyond The Universe’s comprehension. Multiple dimensions, realities that shift upon observation, dark matter. You know everything, God - what do you call all that?”

“Love”, whispered God. “God calls that Love. And it is in never ending supplies and it is the unifying thread woven through everything.”

“That’s good to know”, breathed The Universe.

“A World With Walls”

The Universe was puzzled. “The Universe appears to require boundaries, but is full of indefinable matter and infinities. What of finality?”, asked The Universe.

“The issue is not about finality”, replied God, “but of process. Ambitious schemes must not frame previous experiences as being the total definition of the Nature of Things.”

“Gosh”, mused The Universe, “what if I can’t handle that Truth?”

“I Lacked Oversight”

“I overheard somewhere that you shouldn’t spoil a good story for lack of a few facts,” offered The Universe.

“Funny thing”, responded God, “is that every fact requires a system of descriptions that supports that fact, but still doesn’t contain the entirety of the system.”

“Language is thoroughly indeterminate, now ain’t it God?”

“Word”, said God.

“Mechanics of Crepe Myrtle #1”

“Y’know, the more certain The Universe is about the logical progression of things, the more The Universe becomes haunted by the limitations of the Absolute”, sighed The Universe.

“Yeah”, replied God (though an answer was not really necessary). “In that regard pretty much every premise in any conjecture is under suspicion.”

“You Haul”

“Please pardon my incessant badgering,” started The Universe, “but you know how pragmatic I can be what with twin particles, cause and effect, and all. So when presented with a concept like ‘Heaven’, I just gotta ask, God - where would such a place like that be? Is it an energy field? Some kind of actualized paradise? Is it the same for all creatures and beings?” “Well,” said God to The Universe, “for those beings unencumbered by expectations, it is a most marvelous and individualized otherness - hard to verbalize. For those who require a bit more tangible security - there’s Mom’s Attic. It’s a good system.”

"A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us.
To live is to be slowly born."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

This concludes Week Five of
"The God and The Universe Conversations".

All art and writing by Tom Schulz unless otherwise noted, or unless it is so cool
he will try to get away with claiming it as his own.

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