Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Window of Opportunity"

Empathy is not only just about perceiving and acting empathically, though it would be so useful if we consistently operated out of that paradigm of behavior.

Empathy is also about space. And how we take up space. And how we recognize an Other in space. And how we might define that space as our space, perceiving the Other then as an interloper, a trespasser.

So why are we considered to be 'soft-wired' as humans to experience empathy and 'hard-wired' to be aggressive?

This is the difference between non-genderized concepts of masculine and feminine. It is not a binary to be lived out divisively but a set of embracing parameters to be lived within - and it is necessary and urgent that we open this window of opportunity wide open. We suggest Now. Now would be a good time.

The Eastern mystics see the universe as an inseparable web, whose interconnections are dynamic and not static. The cosmic web is alive; it moves and grows and changes continually. Modern physics, too, has come to conceive of the universe as such a web of relations and, like Eastern mysticism, has recognized that this web is intrinsically dynamic. The dynamic aspect of matter arises in quantum theory as a consequence of the wave-nature of subatomic particles, and is even more essential in relativity theory, where the unification of space and time implies that the being of matter cannot be separated from its activity. The properties of subatomic particles can therefore only be understood in a
dynamic context;
in terms of movement, interaction and transformation.

Fritjof Capra,
The Tao of Physics

Photo by Mary de Wit / in2Wit / Thoughtful Information Design
Billy Schulz, Myers Park Labyrinth, "Amaze".
Designed and built by Tom Schulz

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Jane Schulz said...

Tom, the labyrinth moves with the repetitions, offering many opportunities for thought. I remember seeing the one at the Presbyterian hospital from the 4th floor. It floated.

The repetitions are soothing.ara