Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Life Strategy 6: Basics of Boredom"

"Ennui Study"© 2008
Artist Isaac Schulz demonstrates a classic bored pose.
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In our last session, we discussed "Life Strategy 5., Managing the Mundane." In this session, we explore "Life Strategy 6.,Basics of Boredom." Perhaps you have at one time or another experienced boredom. In this session we will Master the Art of Boredom. Think about what form that may take in your life. Take as long as you need.
Very Good.

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"Defining Boredom"© 2010
Video Sketch
From "The Systemic Amazement Factorial"©

When experiencing boredom, confronted by boredom, or are having boredom delivered directly into your core existence, we suggest using the Master Phrase, "Whatever".
Try saying that now.
Very Good.

Boredom Test: If you watch the entire video, you are probably bored.

Please use extreme caution with this Master Phrase as its sheer power may overwhelm many. We suggest alternating the Master Phrase with a simple shrug of the shoulder (see above).
Good luck with that.

Study, "Prayer Painting Project" (detail) 2007-Present
I wasn't compelled to use a pertinent image, so I just picked this one.
It's kind of cool. I guess

“I didn’t expect His Holiness to have that down-to-earth quality,” he said. “I understand that more and more: holiness and practicality are not separate.
When something is down to earth, it means something is relevant.”
Nicholas Vreeland on the Dalai Lama

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