Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Human Invention / Human Intervention

In my practice as an artist, I view energy not only as a resource for making things,
but also as a vital thread linking call and response.

"Fractal Fireflies #19 (Emergence Theory Subset)"©
From The "Spidey-Hole Series, Fractal Fireflies Subset"

I see space as a stage in which existence transpires.
But additionally,
I am interested in the composition of sets of existence

and how they relate and interact on that stage.

M-611© 2009 Carrie Schulz

And even while time is embraced as a dimension, I see it also

as series of overlapping waves that contain the very essence of process.

"Fractal Fireflies #21 - 7AM/7PM
(Emergence Theory Subset)"© 2009
From The "Spidey-Hole Series, Fractal Fireflies Subset"

I see process, then, as more than the making of a particular work of art.
I see the magnificent process containing multiple Histories,
speculation, public discourse, debate and critique.

Walker Hall, University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Machado and Silvetti, Architects

I see the process as being receptive enough to contain joy,
myriad questions, concerns, outrage and the outrageous.

This is how I see Art as Life.
Life as Art.

It is what I see,
when I see You.


john said...

Having known me all your life you see me as a process. That is right on the point and a valid observation. I also appreciate your seeing my life as a work of art. It must be. It certainly has been a labyrinth so far.

Got any flowers for me to stop and smell?

Tom Schulz said...

A maze is full of dead ends and blind alleys. I think we get caught up in seeing our lives and our life options as a maze. A labyrinth, on the other hand, has twists and turns. Apogees and perigees. But it holds the promise, that sooner or later you are going to get 'centered'. With that promise, comes the solution to the maze.
And yes, I have witnessed that process and that promise in your life.
Man, that's The Conversation in a nutshell.
Thanks for stopping by. Can I get you a cup of coffee?

mommer said...

Exploring the labyrinth of the computer world. Bear with me; when I understand the process I will work on the product.

Tom Schulz said...

When you understand the process, then please explain it to me. I'll sit right here and wait. Maybe I'll make a grilled cheese sandwich.
I have learned that your product is always worthy of the patience of the recipient.
Thanks for your efforts in joining The Conversation.