Monday, March 9, 2009

"Sure: Go Ahead and Blame the Universe"

I walked bare footed across the asphalt as an act of penance. I had no understanding of the word of the doing except that I had full understanding of the doing of the doing. Some kids are like that. I was that kind of kid. I mounted my bicycle with a vengeance and peddled standing up so that I could experience the pumping. Some kids think that makes you go really, really fast.  I was one of those kids. I watched the front tire turn round and round and wondered how I could even stay connected to the road by one ever-shifting, tiny slip of rubber.
Maybe I didn't.
Maybe you didn't.
Maybe we are bumping about in some void, practicing to hold tight to butterfly handle bars.
And the streamers off the plastic grips?
Those are comets.
Sure: go ahead and blame the universe.

  "Sure: Go Ahead and Blame the Universe"
2009    From the Inter-Faith Prayer Series

"All of life moves in cycles; the whole universe is cyclic. Just as the earth moves around the sun in a regular cycle, all of Nature moves in a cyclic pattern. The seasons move in a circle: spring, summer, autumn, winter, then spring again and so forth. From the seed comes the tree, the tree again provides seeds, and the seeds grow into trees. It is a circle"

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