Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Seems like a whole lot of people are holding up signs that demand change. And change is good. But (as a society) are we looking for change that is framed within the confines of what we know? Is it possible to peek behind the curtain of the known and embrace a cultural move towards that which we do not know? Try this: have a conversation with another person (yes, it must involve another person). If you are able to listen without calibrating your response while the other person is talking, then change may be possible. 
I'm not talking about the inevitable collapse of any moment or circumstance. That is change that does not necessarily demand our conscious involvement.
I'm talking about shake the foundations and the rafters, practice and practice: change.



this blog is really neat
i lick it a lot

Tom Schulz said...

Yeah, but you lik snakes. Miss Bea lives!